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Sacramento Series CX--Orangevale
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 Posted: Mon Oct 7th, 2013 02:06 am


OK, this week I'm heading somewhere that they have a Masters category!

I think this is a new venue for the series and I think they should keep it! After last's weeks race at Candlestick Point, this was like riding on pillows! The unrelentless squirrel-pocked hardpack just wore this old masters body out! There were some bumps at this race, but the large proportion of lovely grass made me smile! It included plenty of concrete and even a rideable sandpit. Which wasn't too bad for us but they did redesign before the Mens A races to fit into the advertised category of SPUS (Sand Pit of Unusual Size).

I found myself having a good start, which is weird for me. But then this was on grass and I do love me that grass! Within 1/2 a lap I was battling it out with a Reno Wheelwoman for the race. We must have changed leads 3-4 times a lap for the whole race. I went faster on the road sections (which is weird cuz that is usually a weakness for me in xc) and technical sections and she was faster on the uphills. Until the last lap when she got a 5 second gap on me on a climb that I just didn't have an extra drop of gas to close.

I haven't raced that hard in a long time. It was a great competition. I think that last week's race helped me a lot. I raced about 10 minutes longer and felt stronger at the end that at the end of the last race. We'll see what happens next week!

And the whole race had a great vibe. There was a heckler on a megaphone on one section who was actually a whole lot of fun. "Does a pink helmet actually make you go faster?" "Safeway rider, you look like you lost your way to the road race". "Who is racing tubulars?--raise your hand if you are racing tubulars. What no one? You'd corner better with those". Ok, it seemed funny at the time. But a lot seems funny when you have no oxygen to your brain.

Now if it just cools down, I'll be even happier!!


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