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Calling ALL Michigan Bellas !
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 Posted: Tue Oct 21st, 2008 08:45 pm


Michigan Bellas,
Hopefully you've stopped by the new & improved Bella website at & had a good click/look around ?  Maybe you've noticed that under the "reports", "Michigan" tabs, the reports are outdated and a little sparse?
Well, it's true.  BUT, there's an easy way that ALL OF US can help fix that!  

EACH of you ...

Please take a few minutes to write & post a ride or race report at .  Include pictures, funny stories, a bit of flair, whatever you like.  If it's a race report, please include your real name too.

The idea is to build some fun content to let website visitors know that bellas are in Michigan, riding strong, having fun, and welcoming new members.
I can't wait to read your stories !!!


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 Posted: Sun Nov 8th, 2009 07:42 pm


Hello All,

The Iceman Cometh challenge was a wonderful experience to share.  The best part of it was people from all walks of life and fit and not so fit. Me, I'm unfit but trying to get back where I was 5-10 years ago.

My personal experience on this, my first Iceman. After 14 miles I got a flat, was doing great up to then, ended up walking for 45 minutes, and along the trail when you're walking you see much more than when your riding. I saw bike computers, CO2 cylinders, CO2 cylinder pumps, about 50 waterbottles thrown off the bikes by ruts and roots, about 8 tubes, lot's of clothing (it started around 40 degrees and warmed up to almost 60), and lot's of frienly people. 

After walking for 30 minutes I ended up at a check point and they asked if I wanted some to drive me back, and I said NO WAY, I will walk to the finish :D, I walked upon three Clydsdales who were resting (big guys over 200 pounds) and they asked if I had a tube no, pump - no, tools - no. Anyway, they fixed the flat as they had it all, new tube, CO2, etc.  I finished the race thanks to the friendly folk riding in the Iceman.

I added about 1 hr 15 min to my total time because of this interuption so figure overall, I wasn't doing too bad.  I was one of the last to finish. :X

A fun, fun race. The winning guys did it in about 1 hr 34 minutes, the women did it in 1 hr 46 minutes.  The gals that took first, second, third were all from Colorao.  Wow!

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