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Keeping Comfy in the Changing Seasons
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 Posted: Thu Mar 8th, 2007 10:05 pm


Thought this was a nice little article.  Enjoy!

Climate Control

The best tip for keeping warm or cool during wacky spring weather is to work the gloves.
By the Coaches

Freezing morning temps, warm afternoons, and brisk evenings are signs that the seasons are about to turn. It must be March, the month that teases us with her longer days and drastic temperature swings. For athletes like you, this invariably means you could end up overdressed and sweaty on a day that becomes warmer than you thought. Or sometimes worse, you shiver your way home from a run that started in balmy temps. Staying comfortable this time of year can truly be a constant battle — with Mother Nature.
But before you arm yourself with duffel bags full of gear for any weather, look down at your hands and wrists. You’re looking at your body’s most accessible — and vulnerable — thermostat. The amount of skin surface and the close proximity of blood vessels to the skin’s surface make your digits and wrists the easiest escape route for body heat. When those fingers start going numb from cold, it’s hard for the rest of your body to feel warm.
This sensitivity makes a pair of gloves one of the most versatile pieces of gear during this season. More than a hat, windbreaker, or leggings, it’s a simple pair of Lycra, fleece, or neoprene gloves that are going to keep you feeling comfortable. Below are some tips to make the most of your glove strategy:
  • Before you pull on a hat to stay warm, pull on gloves.
  • You want gloves with a long wristband that wraps snugly around the wrist.
  • You don’t need big, burly winter gloves. If the temperature is above freezing, lightweight gloves will work well. If just below freezing, try lightweight mittens.
  • This sensitivity to temperature works the opposite way as well. If you start to get hot during your workout, take off your gloves but hold them in your hands (Cyclists, go ahead and stuff them in a pocket.). This will reduce the amount of skin exposed to the air. Still feeling hot? Go ahead and stuff the gloves in a pocket.
  • Keep the gloves handy; you can expect to put them back on during your cool down or during a long recovery between intervals.


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 Posted: Sat Sep 5th, 2009 08:00 pm


Actually when my fingers start going numb from the cold times, it is kinda hard for all of my body to feel warm even there is a activated thermostat....

Humidifier filters

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 Posted: Wed Oct 14th, 2009 04:44 am


I shoulda read this before my last race of the season that started out with the thermometer reading 20 degrees......burrrr!

Still managed a podium finish --- race report on it's way!

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