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Frequently Asked Questions - Velo Bella!
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 Posted: Fri Feb 6th, 2009 04:50 pm


Velo Bella
Frequently Asked Questions


1.Q: What is the fee to join?

A: There is no fee to join Velo Bella.  Sort of our way of convincing those who are hesitant or worried about commitments to just join. What we ask instead is that if people are enjoying themselves and getting good benefits from the team, to volunteer for events instead. (Some regional VB programs might have a fee program)


2.Q: What is required to join?

A: All that is required to join is: 1) Purchase a current jersey, 2) Sign a waiver, 3) Join our email list(s), 4) Name “Velo Bella” as your team on your USA Cycling license (if applicable). 5) Race at least one race, and 6) Have fun.


3.Q: Are there minimum race commitments?

A: Nope. You race whatever you feel comfortable doing and your personal schedule allows. All we ask is that you try at least one race. And any race on a bicycle counts including triathlons, BMX, Duathlons, etc


4.Q: Are there mandatory meetings or rides?

A: Again no. There is nothing mandatory about Velo Bella. It is a very loosely structured (okay sometimes even chaotic) team.


5.Q: Are there regular team rides?

A: Not really. While Velo Bella does not organize any regular rides, we do ride regularly. We use our email lists to announce rides to each other. These rides are not sponsored by Velo Bella.


6.Q: Is there a Velo Bella group in my area?

A: We have pockets of Bellas in California, Georgia, Tennessee, MidAtlantic, Minnesota, Michigan, Upstate NY, Montana and Colorado. If there is not one in your area, grab your friends and start one.


7.Q: How Do I Join Velo Bella?

A: Send an email to Velo Bella and let them know you want to join up. You will be contacted by someone from the welcome wagon who will step you through it all (including how to get your bella clothes).


8.Q: I am a recreational rider and don’t race, can I still join Velo Bella?

A: While we can’t offer our sponsor discounts unless you race, we do welcome anyone to join our Velobella email list and to join us on any rides or other events we might announce to that list. And remember, it only takes one race to join, so maybe we’ll make a racer out of you yet!



9.Q: Is Velo Bella a road racing team or a mountain bike team? 

A: Velo Bella racers compete in road racing, mountain bike racing (cross-country, singlespeed, downhill), cyclocross racing, track another way to race a bike -- we'll do it.


10.  Q: What level of racers are on the Velo Bella team?

A: Velo Bellas welcomes racers of ALL levels of experience and ability in all cycling disciplines.  We have everything from first-timers on the road and in the dirt to Pro mountain-bikers and Cat 1/2 roadies and US World Cross racers. Contact Alex for more info on elite team racing.


11.  Q: How can I start a Velo Bella group in my area?

A: Grab some friends and get them to join up! If you have 10 or more Velo Bella riders, contact Sabine about starting up a yahoogroups email list, web page, and gallery page just for your area. You will need someone(s) from that area to act as the team rep/leader and to serve on our Bored


12.  Q: How do I order a jersey?

A: Team orders are placed 1-2 times per year and announced to the team. In between team orders, any available items are posted here:



Velo Bella Website:


Bella Boards:








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Joined: Wed Dec 13th, 2006
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If anyone has any FAQs to add that you think would be helpful, please do!

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